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Book One

Who vowed for Odysseus to Zeus and came to Telemachus?

Who are Telemachus and Penelope?

Book Two

Why does Telemachus call the Assembly?

Where does Telemachus travel to find the where about of his father?

Book Three

Who does Telemachus ask about his father?

What does King Nestor do for Telemachus before he leaves?

Book Four

Who does Telemachus ask about his father?

What important piece of information does King Menelaus tell Telemachus?

Book Five

Where is Odysseus when we first come into contact with him?

Which God comes to the island to convince Calypso to release Odysseus?

Book Six

How does Athena help Odysseus?

Who does the princess tell Odysseus to consult when he arrives?

Book Seven

In this book, how does Athena help Odysseus?

What is Athena disguised as?

What king does Odysseus face?

Book Eight

Why does Odysseus cry during the song?

How does Odysseus show off his physical prowess?

Book Nine

On what island to they get trapped on during this book?

How do they escape the island?

Book Ten

What gift does Odysseus receive that eventually pushes him to Ithaca?

How does Odysseus resist Circe's poison?

Book Eleven

Where does Odysseus travel to?

Who does Odysseus talk to in the underworld?

Book Twelve

What monster killed six of Odysseus' men?

Which god did they betray by eating the cattle?

Where does Odysseus end up after Zeus destroys his ship?

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Book Thirteen

Where does Athena and Odysseus hide his treasure?

What does Athena transform Odysseus into?

Book Fourteen

Who takes Odysseus in when he gets to Ithaca?

How does the swinherd feel about the "great Odysseus"?

Book Fifteen

Book Sixteen

Book Seventeen

Book Eighteen

Book Nineteen

Book Twenty

Book Twenty-One

Book Twenty-Two

Book Twenty-Three

Book Twenty-Four

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