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Brought you to by the students of Professor Hulme's honors english class (ENCC 102 BH) at Sacred Heart University. 


Professor Marie Hulme




Anna Brown

Joseph Choiniere

Christopher Cote

Erin Coutts

Lara DeCastro

Brenna DeStefano

Brian Eustace

Nicholas Faulise

Melvin Gordils

Hayley Lopreto

Christina Masciale

Kristen Maurer

Gwendolyn Mileti

Jessica O'Connell

Catherine Paggi

Catherine Peridon

Karlee Picard

Samantha Pignatelli

Cory Robinson

Patrick Skinner

Caitlin Stanton

Jake Tavernite

Erin Thomas

Jennifer Vialonga

Lauren Wendeborn

Our experience making Our Odysseus:

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